Faculty and Staff Associated With CIBC
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Mike Allen James Baldwin Mary Droser
John Heraty Nigel Hughes Tracy Kahn
Jess Miller-Camp Andrew Sanders Serguei Triapitsyn
Giles Waines Christiane Weirauch Doug Yanega

Mike Allen

  Professor of Plant Pathology and Professor and Chair of Biology
  Director, Center for Conservation Biology
  Office: University Lab Building 209
  Phone (951) 827-5494 Email Website Research Interests

James Baldwin

  Chair, Professor of Nematology
  Office: 1147 Boyce Hall
  Phone (951) 827-5819 Email Website Research Interests

Mary Droser

  Professor of Geology
  Office: Geology 1464
  Phone (951) 827-3797 Email Website

John Heraty

  Professor of Entomology
  Office: Entomology 138
  Phone (951) 827-6351 Email Website Research Interests

Nigel Hughes

  Professor of Geology
  Office: Geology 1212
  Phone (951) 827-3098 Email Website

Tracy Kahn

  Botany and Plant Sciences—Staff
  Principal Museum Scientist and Lecturer in Biology
  Office: 4170 Batchelor Hall
  Phone (951) 827-7360 Email Website

Jess Miller-Camp

  Earth Sciences—Staff
  Museum Scientist
  Office: Pierce 2357
  Phone (951) 827-3440 Email Website Research Interests

Andrew Sanders

  Botany and Plant Sciences
  Museum Scientist
  Office: Herbarium
  Phone (951) 827-3601 Email Website

Serguei Triapitsyn

  Principal Museum Scientist
  Entomology Research Museum
  Phone (951) 827-7817 Email Website

Giles Waines

  Professor of Genetics and Geneticist
  Director, Botanic Gardens and Herbarium
  2117 Batchelor Hall
  Phone (951) 827-3706 Email Website

Christiane Weirauch

  Professor of Entomology
  Director, Center for Integrative Biological Collections
  Office: Entomology 125
  Phone (951) 827-5707 Email Website Research Interests

Doug Yanega

  Senior Museum Scientist—Staff
  Entomology Research Museum
  Phone (951) 827-4315 Email Website