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The UCR Herbarium houses over 259,000 specimens of vascular plants and lichens and is the 5th largest herbarium in California (just ahead of San Diego Natural History Museum and right behind UC Davis). It also is linked to UCR's fungus collection (c. 10,000 specimens, housed in Plant Pathology). The UCR Herbarium makes thousands of identifications each year and is an active resource in teaching and research at UCR as well as nationally and internationally. Funds generated for higher plant and lichen research total $20,000 to $40,000 annually, raised from Federal, State and private agencies, including developers. The herbarium is important for teaching and research in biology, plant biology, entomology and other CNAS and CHASS disciplines. Many Cooperative Extension personnel and private citizens use the collection to identify invasive weeds, escaped garden plants, etc. There are relatively few K thru 12 visitors.

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