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The UCR Entomology Research Museum is the second oldest UC collection of insects and other arthropods and contains ~3 million curated specimens, making it one of the 10 largest University-based collections in North America. Of special importance is the unique collection of voucher specimens for biological control projects conducted in California since the early 1900s. Worldwide, it is among a few of the most important collections of such economically important groups as bees and wasps and natural enemies of agricultural pests. The ERM also served as a depository for the voucher specimens of the arthropod colonies in the UCR Insectary and Quarantine Facility. During the past five years the museum personnel and affiliated faculty have received over 3.5 million dollars in extramural funding research, primarily in biodiversity, taxonomy and phylogenetics besides the more than $800,000 in direct extramural funding for the projects conducted in the museum. The collection provides specimens for graduate and undergraduate students, attracts visitors and the public, and provides vigorous loan service to researchers worldwide. Hundreds of scientific publications were based on the specimens from this collection. The ERM also houses large teaching and outreach collections and supports several undergraduate (General Entomology, Aquatic Insects, Insect Biodiversity, Insect Evolution, Field Entomology) and graduate (Entomophagous Insects) courses in Entomology.

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