Nematode Collection
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The UCR Nematode Collection, established in 1956, comprises ~370,000 mounted specimens and thousands of original types. Worldwide, it is among the two or three largest and most important collections to the discipline of nematology. Metrics for the impact of the collection during the past five years include providing key and specific infrastructure for about $6,000,000 (including subcontracts) in extramural funding research, primarily in biodiversity, systematics and phylogenetics. In addition to supporting UCR researchers the collection has a solid track record of attracting graduate students, visitors, types and vouchers worldwide and for supporting undergraduate and graduate research. It is the basis for international NSF-supported summer workshops at UCR (in 2011 at capacity with students from Brazil, Mexico, Korea, China, Germany, Canada and Nigeria) as well as international workshops (most recently) given in Belgium, Mexico and Brazil. Tools developed through the collection support teaching nematology worldwide. The collection supports UCR courses in (Biol 151, 157, SWSC 120), and introduction to nematode classes (Biol 159, Nem 205) as well as graduate classes in agriculture (e.g. Plant Pathology 206).

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